Live Dealer Casino

About Live Dealer Casinos | There are always some questions asked about online casino games and the sites and people that run them. Are they fair? How realistic and authentic are the games to the real thing? Is there any way that the live ambience and atmosphere of a land-based based casino can be incorporated? The answer to each of these questions is a resounding yes, because of the advent of live dealer casino sites.
Online live dealer casinos bring the casino experience to the comfort of gamers very own homes, as realistically and authentically as is currently possible at this time. No matter how efficient and fair a random number generator may be, there will always be people who doubt their effectiveness to deliver an honest game. With live dealer casinos, this worry is eliminated altogether. Playing live dealer casino games via webcam ensures that fairness is guaranteed as much as it would be if you were sitting in a chair at a table in Vegas. This is probably why high-stake casino games is more popular at live dealer tables insted of standard online casino tables. The ability to see the dealer, to see your cards and to witness the game live is as close as any home based gamer is going to come to experiencing firsthand the thrill and excitement of a real casino tournament.

What Kinds Of Live Dealer Games Can I Play?

Obviously the online casino games that would benefit most from this type of platform would be the table games. It would be positively impractical to hosts a live slots session over a webcam; certainly not impossible but highly impractical due to the nature of the game. Slots are a one player game, no ifs or buts. But table games are something entirely different! Table games put a player either against the dealer, or other players, on occasion both.
There is a wealth of different table games that can all be played using a live dealer in many online casino sites. These include live dealer blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Texas hold ’em, sic-bo, paigow, standard poker; the list inevitably goes on. The ability to feel the tension through the wonder that is the webcam during games of this nature is currently unparalleled in the online gaming world, and it is because of this that live dealer games are currently highly sort after by gamers across the globe.There are also other games in similar forms, such as bingo via webcam and others.

Who’s Offering Live Dealer Games?

Certainly not anyone and everyone is offering live dealer casino games, and of those that are, few have a multitude of live dealer games available across all genres. Most online casinos tend to focus on just a few live dealer games, due to the nature of how they are played. They require physically having a dealer present for the game, and of course they need a large gamer’s base for this to be worthwhile. All live dealer casinos generally offer at least blackjack, roulette and baccarat, although some do branch out offer rarer forms of live casino games. What you get really depends on how hard you look. We recommend playing at the 888 Casino as they offer good quality live games that are always open and they operate a very easy-to-use and safe online casino.
Most of the major online sportsbooks do feature a live dealer casino with almost all of them operating live dealer roulette, black jack and baccarat throughout. Most games are organised and run from studios, and sites such as William Hill, Bet 365 and BetVictor are all good places to start. Aside from online sportsbooks, several direct high-profile online casinos also offer live dealer games; with Euro Grand, 21 Nova, Roxy Palace, Victor Chandler, Party Casino and 888 all firm favourites amongst live dealer players.

Why Play Using A Live Dealer?

There are a whole range of reasons why a player should choose to play using a live dealer casino rather than a standard online casino. As mentioned earlier, some people just don’t seem to trust Random Number Generators (RNGs) and although in most cases their superstitions and concerns come wholly without merit or cause, the fact of the matter is that a live dealer casino is the only 100% absolute way to ensure that fair play is maintained. For a lot of live dealer casino gamers this is paramount and could be a just enough reason for the more paranoid of players to frequent a live dealer casino.
Other reasons include the ability to see the dealer, to witness his or her moves and quite possibly to call their bluff. The ability to interact with your opponents and fellow players on a more personal level also dramatically enhances this form of game play over a more graphical text-based game. A lot of player may find the atmosphere and ambience significantly increased when playing using a live dealer casino and nobody will need telling of how importance this is to a player’s general enjoyment in the online casino, and also the longevity of a player’s particular session.