Live Dealer Platforms

About Live Dealer Platforms | Live dealer platforms by definition are the various companies that provide the software for live dealer casinos to host live dealer games. Although not as numerous as standard online casino software companies many of the live dealer platform big fish are also involved in standard online casino software too, Playtech and Microgaming are two fine examples of companies that operate both types of online casino platforms. Most gamers are quite decided on which platforms games they favour and so when it comes to choosing a live dealer casino platform the choice should be a rather simple one.


Playtech are quite possibly the second largest live dealer platform in the online gaming world. They offer browser based games and have a honourable reputation in the industry. Playtech offers live dealer blackjack, baccarat, roulette, sic bo, casino hold ‘em and a range of television based games with their live dealer platform. Playtech’s games are available 24/7 and their security systems are state of the art. Playtech would make an ideal choice for any online live dealer player who does not wish to use Microgaming’s platform.

Evolution Gaming

The most remarkable thing about Evolution Gaming as a live dealer platform is that they have live dealer casinos all over the shop. Evolution Gaming has licenses out to many live dealer casinos and their games are also top notch. Amongst the games on offer from Evolution Gaming are blackjack, baccarat, roulette, sic bo and casino hold ‘em. Another aspect of this platform that makes Evolution Gaming stand out is ability for players to control their streams and content. This added luxury adds one more sense of realistic control to a player’s game. Evolution Gaming also has one of the fastest live dealer blackjack games available in the online casino gaming world.


Few names come bigger than Microgaming. As one of the founders of online gaming, you can expect a lot from this platform and rightly so they deliver. Microgaming’s live dealer platform is second to none in terms of security, games and package delivery. They offer multiple currency games, adjustable video quality and game view modes and offer roulette, baccarat and blackjack as live dealer games for their players. One complaint is the table availability and that there is no live dealer chat function, but with the quality of games that Microgaming has, this can easily be overlooked.

CWC Gaming

CWC is one of the smaller live dealer platforms that is still exceptional when it comes to service. CWC Gaming offers a free play mode for games to practice their skills and learn the games before spending a load trying to beat their dealers. CWC Gaming also takes pride in its browser based game range and its choice of classic or 3D stream versions. CWC Gaming is the perfect spot to play high roller baccarat although other live dealer games do tend to have a bet limiter.

Are There Any Other Live Dealer Platforms Of Interest?

There are certainly other live dealer platforms worthy of merit that players might be keen to try. Smart Live is a UK live dealer platform available to those players using free sat or Sky and Bet Pheonix Propriety is a smaller live dealer platform that also enables gamers to play for free. Vuetec is known for its Java based games and its streaming from a real casino, whilst Entwine Tech are known for their large game collection as well as high rolling betting ranges. Entwine Tech can be found at Bodog’s live dealer casino amongst others.