Live Webcam Bingo

About Webcam Bingo | Webcam Bingo shouldn’t honestly need too much of an introduction. Put simply it is online bingo played through a stream with comes from a webcam inside the bingo hall. There, that isn’t too difficult to understand is it? But is there anything more to it than that? Of course there is! Webcam Bingo must have some more perks otherwise someone would have thought of this years ago, and it would be honestly, rather dull wouldn’t it?
Webcam Bingo allows the player to not only play bingo through a web stream, it also the players to chat and natter with one another as they would in a real bingo hall and to converse with the moderator as they would in a real bingo hall. On top of this, it also allows the player to be able to experience an authentic online gambling experience as close to that of the one they would have if they were actually physically there. Playing bingo through webcam is the next logical step in the games evolution on the internet, and so far a favorite even among us at

So Who Are BingoCams?

BingoCams is one of the few bigger websites that actually offer webcam bingo, as their name would suggest. Having only opened their doors last year when the idea of playing online bingo through web cameras was relatively new, this online bingo has blossomed thanks to this original idea. One of their key selling points is having your image plastered about the online “bingo room” when you win that full house so everyone can see who has won and have a good old time. Bingo Cams aims to connect online bingo players through their webcams and chats and for players to build up close friendships to enhance their online bingo experience just like they would if they were in a real bingo hall.

And What Do They Offer?

Of course as an online bingo site, Bingo Cams’ offers plenty of live bingo games throughout the week for players of all ages, backgrounds and experience to join in. Bingo Cam’s also understands the need to satisfy new players and to welcome them into the community with a wee bonus, even if only to lift their spirits. For this reason, Bingo Cams offers players a tidy welcome bonus of a free fiver just for registering with their online bingo with no deposit required or expected whatsoever.
Should a new player decide to have a crack at depositing funds into their live bingo account then the online bingo site will more than generously compensate them to tune of a 200% match deposit bonus. With your welcome bonus and your new friends Bingo Cams could just be the place for any online bingo player to meet. Never has there been an online bingo site friendlier where you can actually meet and greet those you are playing against.
But what about safety, surely that should count for something? It certainly would do, if safety was an issue. Bingo Cams however has been consistently praised on their security and as far as the general world knows, no security issues have ever been reported to the Bingo Cams team, who are excellently trained to deal with all your customer service and security issues at any time of any day.
So if online bingo is your thing, and you are looking for something different, something friendly and realistic or even something ultimately very zany then Bingo Cams could be the place for you. As for as webcam bingo goes, this webcam bingo site leads the way.