Roulette with Live Dealers

What Is Live Dealer Roulette? | No amount of computer graphics will ever be able to bring that vibe, feeling and excitement to an online casino player like actually witnessing the game unfold. Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of superb 3D rendered online roulette games out on the market at the minute that are worthy of online casino player’s time all over the world, but if you are looking for the next best thing to actually standing around the roulette wheel, then live dealer roulette is your play.
If for nothing more than the excitement of watching an actual game in session and being an active part in it, then for the additional options that the live dealer roulette game brings it is wholly superior to anything else we’ve seen in the online gambling world so far. Player can opt to stream the live games from a live dealer casino and enjoy split screen gaming, with one camera focusing on the wheel itself, the other on the game board besides it. This makes scanning the wheel and board as the action happens easier than in real life. And of course, there are live dealer roulette games that like to offer their players a little more with added game information and betting options down the side of the screen.

How To Play Live Dealer Roulette

Like most live dealer games, live dealer roulette isn’t terribly different than the online or land-based game of the same name. All of the principle rules remain the same, with an advantage being handed to live dealer roulette in that additional game play and betting options are sometimes available at certain live dealer casinos. As with most roulette games the objective is to place a bet from the betting board, and should the ball land in a respective marker when the roulette wheel stops spinning, you will win your bet.

Live Dealer Roulette – Live spinning brings live winning

The betting board contains upon many different way to bet. The first thing any amateur roulette player will do is of course pick a number and hope that the ball lands on this number. Even though the winnings may be high, the chances of this occurring are slim. Instead it is far more advantageous to wager on odds or evens, brackets such as numbers one through twelve, or even colours as this brings you an almost fifty-fifty chance of winning. Whether or not the roulette wheel contains a zero or a zero and double zero depends on what style of roulette the live dealer casino has chosen to incorporate. Generally European roulette features a single zero on which a player cannot bet and will lose their stake should the ball land here. American roulette often tends to have both a zero and double zero giving the house a greater edge should they be offering this form of the game. A full list of possible betting options is usually featured on the live dealer roulette game screen.

Where To Play Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette is almost as popular as blackjack and can be found in most online live dealer casinos that feature the popular card game. Live dealer roulette is more likely to be found at online casinos rather than online sportsbooks although sites such as Ladbrokes (offers high-stake casino with 100K wagers on roulette), William Hill and Paddy Power do host live dealer roulette.
For the best chance of finding live dealer roulette, a player should seek out any major online casino that hosts live dealer games and the chances are, they will successfully find that the house is running live dealer roulette as one of their main games.