Blackjack with Live Dealers

What Is Live Dealer Blackjack? | If online casino goers are looking for the most realistic blackjack experience currently available then live dealer blackjack is quite possibly the most realistic platform of the world famous and popular card game at the minute. Live blackjack enables players to play their favourite card game with a real life dealer sitting at a real life table, streaming the game to you as it happens. Nothing can replicate the land-based casino experience a player might have at a blackjack table, but live online blackjack comes fairly close. This is largely the main reason gamers choose to play in live dealer blackjack casinos, although readers should by no means assume that it is the only one.
There are other advantages to real life blackjack. Players can in most cases choose to opt between classic stream feeds with which to play their game, or alternatively go for a more modern digital approach complete with 3D graphics and game information around the borders of the screen. The ability to see your opponents in the game is also advantageous and gives the player complete freedom to see just who is doing what, and how close they might be to winning each of their hands.

How To Play Live Dealer Blackjack

As far as the general rules of live dealer blackjack go, they are not really any different than a standard game of blackjack in a land-based casino, or a digitalised version of blackjack that is available at practically every online casino.
Players are dealt two cards, and their task is to get their two cards up to the figure of twenty one, without going over that amount. They may take another card whilst playing, perhaps more if they need to but a player must stay below twenty-one and ideally have a higher hand than those around them, and the dealer. All of the numbered cards count for their face value, whilst the face cards are always designated a value of ten. The Ace is a dual function card as it can count for either one or an eleven depending on what a player needs to complete their hand. A dealer generally sticks at around sixteen or seventeen depending on the live dealer casino you are playing in, and a blackjack (twenty one outright) wins the game completely. Should no players or the deal have a blackjack, the player with the highest total without going over twenty one, wins the hand.

Live Dealer Blackjack – Finally see what cards you’re holding


Where To Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is offered in almost all online casinos that feature a live dealer as a part of their setup. Live dealer blackjack is perhaps the most popular of all live dealer games currently on the market, so finding a place to play this card game should be no issue whatsoever. Many online sportsbooks host the game including Bet365, Paddy Power and William Hill.
Several high end online casinos with live dealer blackjack listed as one of their gaming options including for example 888 Casino and BetVictor. There are literally hundreds of other top online casinos that also offer live dealer blackjack, all of which give a different atmosphere and setup to the whole live dealer blackjack experience. Subtle differences include high roller, medium roller and standard tables, live dealer blackjack tournaments and often exclusive V.I.P. tables which are often coloured differently to the standard classic casino green tables found in most blackjack games.