Live Dealer Sic Bo

What Is Live Dealer Sic Bo? | Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game that has its origins in modern day gambling thanks to Chinese immigrants to the United States in the early twentieth century. Live dealer sic bo is quite a hard game to come across in online live dealer casinos because of the limited number of online players that wish to play the game over other classic such as live dealer blackjack, roulette or baccarat. Unlike some Chinese games, sic bo is actually quite simple grasp if you are lucky enough to be able to find it.
Like mah-jong and other Chinese games, sic bo is a very specific game that is played by only a handful of fans. Anybody is welcome to play live dealer sic bo, but with most live dealer games it is strongly advised that players learn how to play this quirky classic before attempting to play online for the big bucks. Also as with most live dealer casino games, live dealer sic bo is far better and more enjoyable to play than standard sic bo as the atmosphere is elevated and the realism enhanced to credible levels.

How To Play Live Sic Bo

Like most Chinese games, learning to play as a westerner takes time and patience. Games such as sic-bo haven’t simply been invented and become popular overnight because they are simple. Sic bo has many different ways to bet or gamble, and features three dice, all of which have the potential to effectively change your fate in the game.
Naturally is sic bo interests you as a player, then you’d be strongly advised to visit a sic-bo speciality website and read up on all the rules and regulations of the game before attempting to play. There are certain sites out there that will allow you to play free sic bo, to build up your confidence and your knowledge of the game. But basically, the format of sic bo can be defined in four short steps.

Live Dealer Sic Bo – The Expanding Chinese Sensation

A player must check beforehand what the betting limits are for the particular table they are on. The player must then decide how much they wish to bet, and betting on sicbo can be complicated because there are so many different possibilities and ways to go about this. Once your wagers have been placed, you must now wait for the three dice to be rolled which will reveal the outcome of the game. Certain table areas on a live dealer sic bo game will generally light up to indicate a winning betting combination or area. Once the die is cast and the results come up, a player has either won or lost.
Again there is more to it than this, but as with most games, learning to play sic bo is really down the player and any amount of brief instructions will not hold any water compared to reading the long list of betting options and trying out the game for yourself.

Where To Play Live Dealer Sic Bo

Live dealer sic bo as we’ve mentioned is exceptionally hard to come across and is only found at a few selected online live casinos. It either appears or it doesn’t, with the likelihood being that you’ll have to search for and wide across the vast scope of the internet in order to find a live dealer sic bo site that is everything you dreamed it would be. However, there are a few live dealer sic bo sites worth mentioning that are top class and do offer this bizarre Chinese dice game. Bet365 Casino offer live dealer sic bo, as does 888 and Ladbrokes Casino. These are excellent places to start your quest for sic bo glory!