Live Dealer Casino Hold’Em

What Is Live Dealer Casino Hold’Em? | Live dealer casino hold’em is a variant of the popular world renowned poker game, Texas Hold’Em. Live dealer casino hold’em has been designed as a player versus dealer game and at no point does the player ever pit their wits against other poker players at the table. Live dealer casino hold’em tends to be available in live dealer casinos only and doesn’t generally appear in standard online casinos for practice play. Anybody who wishes to test their might at live casino hold’em should certainly pay attention, read and understand the rules regarding this game, that are available on all sites offering it, before attempting to play for real money.

How To Play Live Dealer Casino Hold’Em

Players need to be clear on what it is they are setting themselves up for straight away before playing. As mentioned, in live dealer casino hold’em players do not compete against other gamers but instead attempt to oust the dealer with their own hand. The rules tend to follow other hold’em games although there may be some variants that need to be understood before play. Generally, the rules for playing live dealer casino hold’em are as follows.
The order of winning hands is true and similar to all poker games. Straights or lowers are beaten by a flush, which in turn is beaten by a full house or a four of a kind. A straight flush tops the lot except for a royal flush which is always the top dog in any poker game of any kind. Live dealer casino hold ‘em is absolutely no different in this regard.
Gamers must begin play in live dealer casino hold’em by placing an ante bet. The dealer will then offer the player two cards that faced up and take two cards themselves that are face down so the player is unable to see what the dealer’s hand consists of. Three cards are then placed down in the middle (known as a flop) making up a total of five cards (two for the dealer plus the three card flop, and two for the player plus the same three card flop). The player may then choose to fold and in turn lose his wager, or call. If a player chooses to call then he or she will now have to place an additional stake that is double the original ante bet. Two final cards are then dealt, known as community cards.
Should the players hand beat the dealers (provided that the dealer has a pair of fours or higher) then the player will win an even money call bet plus the ante bet. Should a player beat the dealers hand and the dealer has less than a pair of fours then they will only win the ante bet plus the returned call bet. That is generally all there is too live dealer casino hold’em.

Where To Play Live Dealer Casino Hold Em’

Naturally most online casinos feature hold’em games of some sort or another. Live dealer casino hold’em however is no ordinary game of hold’em and as such is only available in specific live dealer casinos. Both the William Hill and Bet 365 live dealer casinos are known to offer live dealer casino hold’em, as are This specific variation of hold’em can be very rewarding to play although like most live dealer games, a player is advised to read all of the rules and regulations before attempting to play. If one knows what ones doing and one can find a live dealer casino packing the powerful card game, then live dealer casino hold’em will provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment.